stock-photo-9538312-home-projectFounded in 1978, The Rossbro Development Corporation specializes in real estate development, construction, and engineering. Over the past 30 years, projects have included industrial and commercial buildings, residential condominiums, non-profit housing and seniors’ communities. Since 2000, Rossbro has developed 1,500 condominium homes and 400,000 sq. ft. of commercial/industrial space in the Greater Toronto Area. 


Our real estate division has distinguished itself through land acquisition, development, marketing and construction management of a diversified portfolio of projects. Well versed in analyzing emerging real estate trends, Rossbro possess the critical experience to know when and where to develop projects. We looks to build unique communities focusing on quality, lifestyle, location and value. Our seniors' projects fully integrate their owners into vibrant communities with amenities and services that enhance social interaction. This environment of active participation provides residents with a healthy lifestyle. 



RossbroGreen2012-03-05T17-10-01v001 by 5Where does Rossbro Green come in?
Rossbro Development Corporation is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact by developing sustainable buildings and adopting new green technologies. The Residences of Spring Hill (King City, Ontario) will be among the first certified green condominiums in York Region. The implemented green technologies will eliminate 25,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere over the next 20 years, equivalent to removing 240 cars from Ontario roads each year.



Green Building Features

Cogeneration (CHP): high efficiency natual gas engine producing building electricity and heat (byproduct).

Geoexchange Field: closed vertical loop system circulates glycol. The fluid absorbs heat from ground in the winter and transfers it to the building. In the summer, the process is reversed as it absorbs heat from the building and transfers it to the ground, cooling the building.

Solar power: rooftop mounted photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into clean electricity.



4e2 WebWhat is 4e²?

 4e² is a joint venture between two highly experienced and qualified partner companies with a combined annual revenue of $500 million dollars and 125 years of combined experience. These companies are: Rossbro Green and TRAK International. Our team is well-versed in completing successful projects of various sizes and complexities, and we have extensive experience assisting clients achieve their green energy objectives. For more information on 4e2 and our upcoming projects.


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